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7 Amazing TEDxVirginiaTech Talks You Might Not Know About

TEDxVirginiaTech has featured a range of thought-provoking talks that have explored topics such as personal growth, social justice, and creative expression. The organization’s passionate speakers and thoughtful audiences have made for engaging conversations, insightful presentations, and memorable moments that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Here are seven amazing TEDxVirginiaTech talks you might not know about:

1. The psychology of self-motivation | Scott Geller | TEDxVirginiaTech

In this TEDxVirginiaTech talk, Scott Geller explains the psychology of self-motivation, encouraging viewers to focus on their motivational traits and how they can use them to accomplish more. He highlights the importance of self-determination and accountability as key ingredients for success, identifying the fact that one's attitude toward their goals is actually a more important factor than the actual process of achieving them.

Top Takeaway:
Each person has an innate motivation within themselves that can be tapped into with a combination of goal setting, positive reinforcement, and self-awareness.

2. Redefining Service | Elizabeth Galbreath | TEDxVirginiaTech

Elizabeth Galbreath redefines what it means to serve others, urging her audience to recognize the power of service and its potential for creating meaningful change. She encourages viewers to take action and use their skills, talents, and passions to make a difference in the world. Even seemingly small acts of service can have a ripple effect that can extend far beyond our initial reach. Top Takeaway: Individuals have the power to serve as agents of positive change by turning their passion for making a difference into tangible projects.

3. The moral injury of war: Eric Hodges at TEDxVirginiaTech

Eric Hodges discusses the devastating impact of moral injury on veterans who have served in combat. He explains that moral injury is a trauma with psychological and spiritual dimensions that often goes unrecognized or untreated. Hodges highlights the concept of recovery as an ongoing process whereby veterans learn to find strength and resilience in their own stories of struggle.

Top Takeaway: Our service members must be given the opportunity to confront, process, and heal from the moral injuries they experience or risk suffering long-term psychological damage.

4. The Power of No | Reginald Stroble | TEDxVirginiaTech

Reginald Stroble, in his TedxVirginiaTech talk, examines the importance of making deliberate decisions and learning to say no in order to take control of one's life. He explains that boundaries are essential for setting up healthy relationships. Stroble suggests we practice rejecting things "nicely" so that we do not alienate others or hurt our reputation or relationships.

Top Takeaway: Be mindful and intentional in how you communicate with others, and remember that you have the power of saying “no” when necessary.

5. Changing the Face of Architecture | Aria Hill | TEDxVirginiaTech
Aria Hill presents the importance of challenging the status quo and embracing diversity in architecture. She explains that there are both implicit and explicit biases that are affecting the field, from hiring practices to design approaches. Hill offers an example of a public space in Harlem that was designed with residents' needs and perspectives in mind, ultimately creating an inclusive and inviting atmosphere. Reimagining public spaces can make them more equitable, accessible, and meaningful for all.

Top Takeaway: Architecture can be used as a positive force for social change, especially if we recognize its power to shape perceptions, identities, and cultures.

6. Food and emotions: Susan Duncan at TEDxVirginiaTech

Susan Duncan explores the relationship between food and emotions, explaining how different aspects of food, such as its taste, origin, preparation, and presentation can evoke various emotional responses. Duncan suggests that we incorporate mindfulness when making food choices, in order to make healthier decisions for our emotional well-being. Understanding oneself on an emotional level can help to create more meaningful relationships with food and the people who prepare it.

Top Takeaway: Mindfulness and emotional awareness can help us make healthier decisions about our food.

7. How to Forgive the Unforgivable | Tyler Pugh | TEDxVirginiaTech

Tyler Pugh dives into the power of forgiveness and how it can help us move past previous traumas or significant events in our lives. He explains how it is possible to forgive even the most unthinkable acts when we shift our focus from punishment to understanding. Pugh also explores the concept of “victim blaming” – the idea that victims of traumatic experiences need to take responsibility for their suffering. He argues that instead of assigning blame, society should focus on empathy and creating a safe space for those who have experienced trauma.

Top Takeaway: While forgiving may not magically resolve all issues, it can be a valuable tool in healing and leading a more peaceful life.

Listening with an open mind and reflecting on the TEDxVirginiaTech talks listed above can offer valuable insights into the importance of self-care, forgiveness, and change. From veterans’ mental health to architecture, food, and forgiveness, these talks have a common underlying theme: that challenging the status quo is essential for personal and societal growth. By examining ourselves and our surroundings with an open and understanding mindset, we can learn to create meaningful connections, foster resilience, and ultimately forge a better future for all.

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