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HP EG0900JEHMB 900GB Enterprise SAS 12Gb/s 2.5\

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HP EG0900JEHMB 900GB Enterprise SAS 12Gb/s 2.5" SFF 10K SC HDD

Boost Hardware is a HP EG0900JEHMB Business Partner
  • Part Number : EG0900JEHMB
  • Brand : HP

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HP EG0900JEHMB Manufacturer
HP EG0900JEHMB Capacity
HP EG0900JEHMB Spindle Speed
Spindle Speed
HP EG0900JEHMB Interface
HP EG0900JEHMB Data Transfer Rate
Data Transfer Rate
HP EG0900JEHMB Workload
Enterprise (ENT)

Full HP EG0900JEHMB Specifications

Brand HP
Capacity 900GB
Hot-Swappable Yes
Spindle Speed 10K
Carrier Type Smart Carrier (SC)
Interface Type SAS
Data Transfer Rate 12Gb/s
Workload Enterprise (ENT)
Dual Port Yes
Cache 128MB
Form Factor 2.5" SFF
HPE Server Generations Gen 9/Gen 8/Gen 7/Gen 6/Gen 5/Gen 4/Gen 3/Gen 10+/Gen 10
Compare with similar items
Capacity 450GB 146GB 146GB 1.2TB 900GB
Spindle Speed 15K 15K 15K 10K 10K
Form Factor 2.5" SFF 2.5" SFF 2.5" SFF 2.5" SFF 2.5" SFF
Interface Type SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS
Data Transfer Rate 12Gb/s 3Gb/s 3Gb/s 12Gb/s 12Gb/s
Workload Enterprise (ENT) Enterprise (ENT) Enterprise (ENT) Enterprise (ENT) Enterprise (ENT)
Hot-Swappable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cache 128MB        

HP EG0900JEHMB Server Compatibility

HPE StoreVirtual 4130                
HPE StoreVirtual 4330 FC              
HPE StoreVirtual 4335 SAN Hybrid              
HPE StoreVirtual 4630                
HPE StoreVirtual 4730 FC              
ProLiant DL20 G10                
ProLiant DL325 G10                
ProLiant DL365 G10+                
ProLiant DL385 G10+                
ProLiant ML350e G8                
Proliant BL20p G4                
Proliant BL420c G8                
Proliant BL45p G2                
Proliant BL460c G8 G6 G7 G10 G9        
Proliant BL465c G8 G1 G5 G6 G7        
Proliant BL480c                
Proliant BL620c G7                
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Proliant BL680c G5 G7              
Proliant BL685c G1 G5 G6 G7          
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Proliant DL120 G9 G7              
Proliant DL160 G8 G9 G10 G6          
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Proliant DL170h eG6 hG6              
Proliant DL180 G10 G9 G6            
Proliant DL20 G9                
Proliant DL320 G6                
Proliant DL320e G8                
Proliant DL360 G8e G8p G9 G10 G5 G6 G7 G4 G4p
Proliant DL365 G5                
Proliant DL370 G6                
Proliant DL380 G8e G9 G10 G5 G6 G7      
Proliant DL385 G8 G5p G10 G5 G6 G7      
Proliant DL388 G9                
Proliant DL560 G8 G9 G10            
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Proliant ML110 G9 G10 G7            
Proliant ML150 G9                
Proliant ML30 G9                
Proliant ML310 G8 G8              
Proliant ML350 G8p G9 G10 G6          
Proliant ML350e G8                
Proliant ML370 G4 G5 G6            
Proliant ML570 G3 G4 G5            
Proliant SL230s G8                
Proliant SL250s G8                
Proliant SL270s G8                
Proliant SL390s G7                
Proliant XL170r G9                
Proliant XL190r G9                
Proliant XL220a G8                
Proliant XL230a G9                
Proliant XL230k G10                
Proliant XL250a G9                
Proliant XL450 G9                

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December 22, 2022 by Scott Carpenter

"We're a Canadian company who was badly in need of a drive for our server. Wasn't sure how the cross border purchase would go but Scott and his team had us taken care of at a price that couldn't be beaten and with lightning speed and efficiency. We had our drive in just a few days. I would highly recommend this company! Wish there were more out there like them!" 5

December 27, 2022 by Tobias Griffin

"Easy ordering, rapid delivery, and a user-friendly website. Would suggest to boost hardware to my colleagues." 5

May 24, 2024 by Anibal Pham

"They made sure I received what I requested and expedited shipping as much as they could. Well done." 5

May 23, 2024 by Odessa Frost

"Great value and reasonable delivery conditions. I'd do business with them again." 5

February 29, 2024 by Bellal Chaaban

"was advised prior to placing an order that the item was in stock, after placing the order 3 days later i get an email stating the my order has been accepted and 5 min later another email stating that the items i requuiested are not in stock. complete waste of time." 1

January 19, 2024 by Christopher Kantarjiev

"Actually had what they advertised and delivered in a timely fashion." 4

January 12, 2024 by Alexander Ryskin

"Boost Hardware is very reliable and easy to deal with" 5

September 26, 2023 by Rudy Gosyne

"Scott does a great job of taking care of the customer" 5

September 1, 2023 by lee mazzotta

"Good price, working fine, I really liked how it was packaged. " 5

July 19, 2023 by Krishna Mohan

"Easy to reach someone over the phone, here in USA and a great followup from Scott. Thanks, Krishna" 5

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