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Complete List of IBM Motherboards

List of IBM Motherboards

Part Number Chipset CPU Socket Type Form Factor
IBM 00AE749
IBM 00AE792 2.5" SFF
IBM 00Y2769
IBM 00Y4889
IBM 00Y4918
IBM 01L1848
IBM 03T7032
IBM 01GT444
IBM 49Y5118
IBM 59Y5587
IBM 59Y5682
IBM 68Y8035
IBM 68Y8046
IBM 94Y7586
IBM 00AE742
IBM 68Y8185
IBM 00KF629
IBM 00MW076
IBM 00Y7538
IBM 95Y4517
IBM 59Y5669
IBM 91P7858
IBM 91P7867 3.5" LFF
IBM 00AE580
IBM 00AL973
IBM 00KG414
IBM 00KG461
IBM 88Y6539
IBM 00D2657 2.5" SFF
IBM 00AE558
IBM 00AM541
IBM 00AM542
IBM 54Y3953
IBM 42D3639
IBM 43W1131
IBM 43W6054
IBM 00W2067
IBM 00KA917
IBM 00N9405
IBM 43W8220
IBM 46W2916
IBM 69Y4798
IBM 88P8476
IBM 93P3602
IBM 00AM357
IBM 43W6043
IBM 45R7727
IBM 45C3563
IBM 23K4458
IBM 49Y5348
IBM 64Y9766
IBM 45R5462
IBM 03T6560
IBM 41W1368
IBM 43W5103
IBM 45C9896
IBM 45R4851
IBM 45C7612
IBM 42W8048
IBM 44C3932
IBM 59Y5632
IBM 46M7130
IBM 71Y5974
IBM 60Y3775
IBM 03T6227
IBM 04W0321
IBM 43W8251
IBM 44W3203
IBM 44W3187
IBM 69Y7614
IBM 43C7124
IBM 45R5781 2.5" SFF
IBM 45N4334
IBM 87H4659
IBM 43D3650
IBM 42Y3274
IBM 63Y1755
IBM 0C17035
IBM 44W4796
IBM 43C7179
IBM 43C2767
IBM 03T8226
IBM 44W3318
IBM 68Y8000
IBM 63Y2086 M.2
IBM 49Y5121
IBM 44R5619
IBM 69Y5223
IBM 69Y1013
IBM 00Y7337
IBM 0C16906
IBM 44C3864
IBM 46M0626
IBM 49Y5058
IBM 43W5176
IBM 42C1549
IBM 03T8003
IBM 44R5636
IBM 68Y8163
IBM 46C7141
IBM 00AM209
IBM 69Y5154
IBM 49Y4824
IBM 69Y4438
IBM 00D3283
IBM 04W3897
IBM 81Y7002
IBM 69Y4760
IBM 00KC502
IBM 49Y6888
IBM 00AD833
IBM 53Y3195
IBM 43C0059
IBM 19R0703
IBM 45R4852
IBM 29R8260
IBM 94Y7614
IBM 32R1730
IBM 42D3647
IBM 81Y6624