HPE 800GB SAS 12G WI SFF (2.5 in) SC 3-year warranty DS firmware SSD Image

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HPE 800GB SAS 12G WI SFF (2.5 in) SC 3-year warranty DS firmware SSD

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  • Part Number : P09100-B21
  • Brand : HP

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HP P09100-B21 Manufacturer
HP P09100-B21 Part Number
Part Number
HP P09100-B21 Capacity
HP P09100-B21 Form Factor
Form Factor
2.5" SFF
HP P09100-B21 Interface
HP P09100-B21 Drive Type
Drive Type

HP P09100-B21 Server Compatiblity

Proliant BL Proliant BL460c G10
Proliant DL Proliant DL380 G10
Proliant DL560 G10
Proliant DL385 G10
Proliant DL580 G10

Full HP P09100-B21 Specs

Brand HP
Part Number P09100-B21
Capacity 800GB
Form Factor 2.5" SFF
Interface SAS 12G
Drive Type SSD
Workload Write Intensive (WI)
Carrier Type Smart Carrier (SC)
Firmware Digitally Signed Firmware (DS)

13 common question about the HP P09100-B21

When did HP release the P09100-B21 ssd?

The HP P09100-B21 was released on July 07, 2019.

What Proliant BL models is the HP P09100-B21 compatible with?

The HP P09100-B21 is compatible with the following models:

  • Proliant BL460c Gen 10

What Proliant DL models is the HP P09100-B21 compatible with?

The HP P09100-B21 is compatible with the following models:

  • Proliant DL380 Gen 10
  • Proliant DL560 Gen 10
  • Proliant DL385 Gen 10
  • Proliant DL580 Gen 10

What is the Option Part number for the HP P09100-B21 ssd?

The Option Part number is P09100-B21.

What is the SmartBuy Part number for the HP P09100-B21 ssd?

The SmartBuy Part number is P09100-S21.

What is the Spare Part number for the HP P09100-B21 ssd?

The Spare Part number is P09948-001.

What is the Assembly Part number for the HP P09100-B21 ssd?

The Assembly Part number is P07443-002.

What is the Model number for the HP P09100-B21 ssd?

The Model number is EO000800JWUGD.

What does it mean that the HP P09100-B21 is DS and why is it important?

DS refers to Digitally Signed Firmware. The digitally signed storage drives like HP P09100-B21 give you peace of mind knowing they cannot be modified or corrupted by anyone but the official manufacturer. Digitally signed firmware is an effective way to verify your hard drive’s originality before installing it on a server. It’s sometimes also important for your storage drive’s compatibility with other hardware parts and to acquire warranty support.

What does it mean that the HP P09100-B21 is 2.5" SFF?

SFF stands for the small form factor. The 2.5” storage drives (including HP P09100-B21) pack a relatively compact size of 2.5 inches. To be exact, their dimensions consist of a 2.7 inches width, a 0.37-inch height, and a 3.96 inches length. The small form factor storage drives are commonly used in laptops and game consoles that have a smaller size than computers. But they’re also a fit for desktop computers and servers.

What does it mean that the HP P09100-B21 is WI?

WI means Write Intensive. The Write Intensive storage drives like HP P09100-B21 ({Specs}) are specialized for consistent and higher data writing performance. This makes WI storage drives a great fit for applications that don’t involve frequent reading of data but data writing. That said, the Write Intensive solid-state drives (SSDs) usually offer an Endurance of around 10 DWPD – meaning you can rewrite all drive’s data 10 times a day, each day, for over 5 years.

What does it mean that the HP P09100-B21 is a SAS 12G drive?

SAS stands for Serial-Attached SCSI. It’s a type of storage drive interface with a versatile array of connectors, making it more effective at reading and writing data. Like HP’s P09100-B21, SAS storage drives are particularly useful for continuous computer operations, like servers and workstations. That said, a 12G SAS drive means it has a bandwidth of 12Gbs (gigabits/second) and allows for faster data transfer rates than most traditional storage drives.

What does it mean that the HP P09100-B21 is a SC (Smart Carrier) drive?

SC refers to Smart Carrier. An SC storage drive, like the HP P09100-B21, means that the drive comes with Smart Carrier. The Smart Drive Carrier feature is only available in newer hard drives (Gen8/Gen9) and warns against data loss when detaching a drive. Moreover, the HP hard drives containing this feature are usually termed HP Smart drives. That said, some regular drives are also turned into Smart drives by installing them into a smart drive carrier (smart carrier converter).

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