ProLiant Superdome BL920s

Description Option Part #
Cable, external USB AH337-2025A
Modular power distribution units 17.3 kVA modular PDU, core only (NA/JPN) (Option #: AF511A) 483913-001
22 kVA modular power distribution unit, core only (International) (Option #: AF518A) 483914-001
Local I/O diagnostic HPE c-Class blade SUV cable 416003-001
External SUV cable 409496-001
Mounting Rail, Generation II AH337-2156B
Midplane brick (backplane) AH337-67102
Miscellaneous cables kit - Contains the following: Upper fan cable 33.65 cm (13.25 in) Lower fan cable 43.82 cm (17.25 in) Connect cable 30.48 cm (12 in) LCD cable 31.12 cm (12.25 in) 416002-001
Cable, Upper Fan Bd, Ribbon AH337-2004A
Cable, DVD midplane AH337-2003A
Cable, Upper BPS Bd Rib AH337-2005A
Cable, status panel AH337-2024A
SPS-BD LCD CONN 519347-001
Replacement DVD AH337-67002
Media board with cable 518234-001
Cable, Ext USB Pigtail AH337-2026A
Bracket, Optical drive, 9.5 mm slimline 532475-001
Replacement GPSM AH337-67001
Replacement XFM AH341-67001
Replacement XFM2 H7B49-69001
Panel Control Board (PCA) Camnet Pass-Thru AH337-67014
Active Cooling fan 200 module 413996-001
2450 W 12 V-OUT, hot pluggable, Platinum high efficiency Power Supply 588733-001
Single-phase AC input power module (FIO) ? 200?240 VAC, 50?60 Hz - Has a C19-C20 cord, and six IEC C20 inlets 413494-001
3-phase AC input power supplymodule (North America and Japan) ? Factory Installable Option (FIO) 413495-001
3-phase AC input power supply module (International version) ?Factory Installable Option (FIO) 413496-001
Replacement OA Assembly AH389-67001
Value Added Chassis, Superdome2 AH337-2101C
Assy, IO Chassis AH337-2118B
SPS-LCD module widescreen 519349-001
SPS-BD LCD pass thru 519348-001
DVD Bezel AH337-3441A
Blade Filler Gen 2 AH337-2170A
Blade slot plastic blank 414051-001
Power supply blank 416043-001
Interconnect blank 414053-001
Onboard administrator module blank 414054-001
Hardware kit - Contains blade slot shelf, vertical cable cover, and left LCD cap 432463-001
Onboard administrator battery 708907-001
3.0 V system battery - Lithium - Type CR2450 Not an HPE spare. readilyavailable elsewhere.
Hardware plastics kit - Includes small form factor hard drive blank, processor blank, GBX cover, and blade coupler blank 446289-001
16 GB FC switch interconnect module 724425-001
10 GB Ethernet Pass-Thru 504624-001
Thames AT084A Pass-Thru 538113-B21
Decina 6125XLG Ethernet switch 711307-B21
ComNu I 6125G 658247-B21
Mellanox Infiniband switch 648312-B21
Blade bezel AT068-69003
BL920s Gen8 system board AT068-6901A
BL920s Gen9 system board A0R69-69001
Qlogic 16GB FC mezz 710608-B21
FlexLOM 10 Gb NIC 656243-001
10 Gb NIC mezzanine card (GSD-SC description is ETHERNET 10 GB 2P Intel 560 MB Mezz ADPT) 669282-001
Processor, 15 core, 2.8 GHz, 37.5 M, 155 W (includes cleaning pads and new TIM) (BL920s Gen8) 769744-001
Processor, 10 core, 2.8 GHz (BL920s Gen9) 788375-001
Processor, 10 core, 2.8 GHz (BL920s Gen9+) 868055-001
Processor, 18 core, 2.5 GHz (BL920s Gen9) 788366-001
Processor, 14 core, 2.2 GHz (BL920s Gen9) 788369-001
Processor, 14 core, 2.1 GHz (BL920s Gen9+) 868051-001
Processor, 4 core, 3.2 GHz (BL920s Gen9) 788376-001
Processor, 4 core, 3.2 GHz (BL920s Gen9+) 868056-001
Processor, 22 core, 2.2 GHz (BL920s Gen9+) 868054-001
Processor, 24 core, 2.2 GHz (BL920s Gen9+) 868053-001
Processor heatsink with TIM attached (includes cleaning pads to remove old TIM from processor) (BL920s Gen8) AT068-69002
Processor heatsink with TIM attached (BL920s Gen9+) AT068-2106C
DIMM 32GB (BL920s Gen8) 715275-001
DIMM 32GB DDR4 (BL920s Gen9) 752372-081
DIMM 16GB DDR4 (BL920s Gen9) 752371-081
DIMM 32GB PC4?2400T/L (BL920s Gen9+) 867285-001
DIMM 64GB PC4?2400T/L (BL920s Gen9+) 867286-001
10GB Ethernet blade switch 716102-001
Brocade C8S47A FC switch C8S47-63001/C8S47a
Brocade C8S45A FC switch C8S45-63001/C8S45a
HPE FlexFabric 10 Gb 2P 534FLB Adapter 700741-B21
HPE FlexFabric 10 Gb 2P 534 M Adapter 700748-B21
HPE FlexFabric 20 Gb 2P 630FLB Adapter 700065-B21
HPE FlexFabric 20 Gb 2P 630 M Adapter 700076-B21
HPE FlexFabric 20 Gb 2P 650 M Adapter 701535-001
HPE Infiniband HPE IB FDR 2P 545 M Adapter 702213-B21
Superdome 2 RONI Fork Leveling Adapter AH337-2165A