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Brand Dell
Part Number TC2RP
Boost Product ID 386518

Dell TC2RP Details

  • Free 1-Year Warranty on Dell TC2RP and all purchases at
Manufacturer | Dell TC2RP 240GB SATA 6G 2.5" SFF TLC SSD
Part Number | Dell TC2RP 240GB SATA 6G 2.5" SFF TLC SSD
Part Number
Capacity | Dell TC2RP 240GB SATA 6G 2.5" SFF TLC SSD
Form Factor | Dell TC2RP 240GB SATA 6G 2.5" SFF TLC SSD
Form Factor
2.5" SFF
Interface | Dell TC2RP 240GB SATA 6G 2.5" SFF TLC SSD
Drive Type | Dell TC2RP 240GB SATA 6G 2.5" SFF TLC SSD
Drive Type

Dell TC2RP Details

  • Free 1-Year Warranty on Dell TC2RP and all purchases at

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Full Dell TC2RP Specs

Brand Dell
Part Number TC2RP
Capacity 240GB
Form Factor 2.5" SFF
Interface SATA 6G
Drive Type SSD
Cells TLC

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4 common question about the Dell TC2RP

What does it mean that Dell TC2RP is a M.2 drive?
M.2 is a small form factor for storage drives. The M.2 drives like Dell TC2RP have varying sizes that mostly fall around 22 millimeters in width and 60 mm in length. Moreover, the M.2 drive form factor is for solid-state drives (SSD), which are more advanced compared to the traditional hard disk drives (HDD). That said, not all laptop and desktop motherboards support M.2 drives. However, the modern ones generally do so users can install their M.2 storage drive for blazing-fast data transfer performance
What does it mean that the Dell TC2RP is 2.5" SFF?
SFF stands for the small form factor. The 2.5” storage drives (including Dell TC2RP) pack a relatively compact size of 2.5 inches. To be exact, their dimensions consist of a 2.7 inches width, a 0.37-inch height, and a 3.96 inches length. The small form factor storage drives are commonly used in laptops and game consoles that have a smaller size than computers. But they’re also a fit for desktop computers and servers.
What does it mean that the Dell TC2RP drive is SATA 6G?
SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, a data transfer protocol for computers. SATA is widely used for connecting different storage drives to a computer. However, this protocol has different generations with different speeds. A SATA 6G interface refers to the SATA 3 interface offering a 6.0Gb/s bandwidth (same as 600MBs). Generally, only solid-state drives (SSDs), like Dell’s TC2RP, can deliver such a fast data transfer rate. That said, SSD drives are much quicker than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs).
What does it mean that the Dell TC2RP is a TLC drive?
TLC stands for triple-level cell. It's similar to a multi-level cell (MLC) that contains more than one bit per cell. However, each TLC cell can store over 3 bits of data. It means the TLC storage drives, like Dell's TC2RP, are made of flash cells that can store 3 bits. But it doesn't mean a TLC drive is faster than a multi-level cell (MLC) drive because if each cell of the drive stores more bits, it'll take longer to read the data of each cell. So, MLC storage drives tend to be more expensive and performance-packed compared to TLC drive

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