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Complete List of Dell Processors

Breakdown of Dell Processors by Wattage

Dell Processors come in 6 different wattage. The most common Wattage is 205W making up 1%.

Full Table of Dell Processors

Part Number Number of Cores Processor Speed Wattage
E5-2620 2.00GHz 95W
SLBRE 2.0GHz 130W
E5-2650V2 2.6GHz 95W
W3690 3.46GHz 130W
E5-2670V2 2.50GHz 115W
E5-2620V2 2.10GHz 80W
E5-2603 1.80GHz
E5-2695V2 2.4GHz 115W
X5450 3.00GHz 120W
E7-4870 2.40GHz
SR20J 3.50GHz 140W
SRFBL 2.20GHz 85W
X7560 2.26GHz 130W
SLABZ 2.13GHz 65W
X5365 3.00GHz
X5355 2.66GHz 120W
X5667 3.06GHz
E7-4890V2 2.8GHz 155W
SLAED 3.0GHz 150W
X3370 3.00GHz 95W
SLBV4 2.40GHz 80W
SR0KR 2.50GHz 95W
X7550 2.00GHz 130W
SLBBM 3.0GHz 80W
SR0KW 2.00GHz 95W
L5638 2.00GHz 60W
SLA8Y 2.00GHz 65W
SLA8Z 1.80GHz 65W
SLANQ 3.00GHz 80W
SR0KZ 3.20GHz 130W
SLASB 3.0GHz 120W
SR0KX 2.60GHz 115W
SR0L5 2.9GHZ 130W
SR0L0 2.90GHz 135W
SR0KH 2.70GHz 130W
SR19L 2.3GHz 125W
SR20N 3.0GHz 140W
SLAWF 2.5GHz 95W
SL9RU 2.66GHz 65W
SR20P 3.50Ghz 140W
SL9RY 1.86GHz 65W
SRFPP 2.70GHZ 125W
SLACD 2.4GHz 65W
SLANP 3.16GHz 120W
SLBBA 3.16GHz 120W
SLBBL 2.5GHz 80W
SLBV3 2.66GHz 95W
SR0KV 2.30GHz 95W
SR1AM 2.60GHz 80W
E5-4640V2 2.2GHz 95W
E7-4860V2 2.6GHz 130W
NAA9G 2.8GHz
SL7PF 3.2GHz 103W
SL7PH 3.6GHz
SL8P2 3.8GHz 110W
SL94Q 3.20Ghz
SL95W 3.2GHz 95W
SL96B 3.2GHz 95W
SL9RR 2.33GHz 40W
SL9RT 3.00GHz 80W
SL9RW 2.33GHz 65W
SL9RX 2.00GHz 65W
SL9RZ 1.60GHz 65W
SL9T9 2.13GHz 65W
SL9XR 1.60GHz 80W
SL9YK 2.0GHz 80W
SL9YL 2.33GHz 80W
SL9YM 2.66GHz
SL9ZH 2.40GHz 65W
SLA4Q 1.86GHz 50W
SLA67 2.93GHz 130W
SLA69 2.13GHz 80W
SLAA9 2.33GHz
SLABH 2.33GHz 40W
SLABM 2.66GHz 65W
SLABN 2.33GHz 65W
SLABP 2.0GHz 65W
SLABQ 1.86ghz
SLABR 1.6GHz 65W
SLAC2 1.86GHz
SLAC4 2.66GHz 120W
SLAC5 2.33ghz 80W
SLAEG 2.66ghz 120W
SLAEJ 2.33Ghz 80W
SLAGC 2.0GHz 65W
SLANV 2.5GHz 80W
SLANW 2.33GHz 80W
SLAP4 2.33Ghz
SLB9D 3.16GHZ 95W
SLBBJ 2.83ghz 80W
SLBBK 2.66GHz 80W
SLBBR 2.50GHz 50W
SLBEW 2.66GHz 130W
SLBF3 2.93GHz 95W
SLBF4 2.80GHz 95W
SLBF8 2.13GHz 80W
SLBF9 2.00GHz 80W
SLBFA 2.26GHz 60W
SLBFD 2.26GHz 80W
SLBFH 2.13GHz 60W
SLBKC 2.26GHz 80W
SLBLJ 2.40GHz 95W
SLBRD 2.26GHz 130W
SLBRG 2.0GHz 105W
SLBRK 1.86GHz 95W
SLBRM 2.66GHz 130W
SLBV6 2.80GHz 95W
SLBV8 2.26GHZ 60W
SLBVA 3.06GHz 95W
SLBVB 2.53GHz 80W
SLBWZ 2.4GHz 80W
SLBYK 3.20GHz 95W
SLBZ8 2.53GHz 80W
SLC2F 2.00GHZ 80W
SLC3G 2.0GHz 105W
SLC3L 1.86GHz 95W
SLC3N 2.66GHz 130W
SLC3P 2.13GHz 105W
SLC3Q 2.13GHz 105W
SLC3S 2.26GHz 130W
SLC3T 2.40GHz 130W
SLC3V 2.0GHz 130W
SLG9H 2.13GHz 90W
SLG9J 2.40GHz
SLG9K 2.40GHz 90W
SLG9P 2.66GHz 130W
SR0KK 2.20GHz 95W
SR0KL 1.8GHZ 70W
SR0KM 2.00GHz 60W
SR0KP 2.9ghz 130W
SR0KQ 2.0GHz 95W
SR0KU 2.2GHz 95W
SR0L1 2.4ghz 115W
SR0L4 2.20Ghz 95W
SR0LA 2.40GHz 80W
SR0LB 1.8GHz 80W
SR0LE 3.0GHZ 80W
SR0LJ 2.1ghz 95W
SR0LN 1.90GHz 95W
SR0LS 1.80GHz 80W
SR0LZ 2.10GHz
SR0QT 2.40GHz 95W
SR19R 2.2GHZ 95W
SR19T 1.90GHz 95W
SR19W 3.30GHz 130W
SR1AL 1.80GHz 80W
SR1B7 3.5GHZ 130W
SR1GP 2.30GHz 105W
SR1QZ 3.5GHz 84W
SR22M 2.1GHz 135W
SR2SJ 2.1ghz 105W
SR2SD 2.2GHZ 120W
SLC3F 2.26GHz 130W
SLBWY 2.0GHz 60W
SLAG7 1.6GHz 40W
000DM1 1.90GHZ
001M26 2.40GHz 80W
004HK5 2.80GHz
00DM1 1.90GHz
00DK2J 2.26GHZ 130W
00RVP0 2.40GHz
00TJC9 3.06GHz 95W
00WY8P 2.00GHz 130W
0184XW 2.26GHZ 130W
019J6W 2.13GHz 105W
01HJCK 2.30GHz 120W
01VDCX 2.60GHz
026X2X 2.80GHz 95W
030D42 2.30Ghz
0351JT 2.90GHz
0369TY 2.80GHz 95W
03P4W2 1.90GHz
03PTKF 1.86GHz
03Y0DF 3.4GHz
03YYDW 2.20GHz 95W
0497KK 2.40GHz 115W
049GJ0 2.80GHz 95W
04HK5 2.80Ghz 115W
04J8N8 1.86GHz 105W
04TWKR 2.40GHz
057YWY 2.00GHz
05DF7K 2.20GHz
05WDFN 3.00GHz
05WW1C 2.80GHz
060HT4 2.40GHz 80W
0671V5 3.00GHz
06C25F 2.40GHz
06J5HP 2.93GHz
06T3W1 3.00GHz 105W
06WDCN 2.40GHz
06WF59 1.8GHz
0TJC9 3.06GHz 95W
319-0272 2.90GHz 130W
4HF3H 2.53GHz
6WDCN 2.40GHz
833RC 3.6GHz 130W
319-0270 2.4GHz 115W
338-BJEW 3.00GHz 160W
G5THF 2.5GHz 95W
HP787 1.6GHz
JRC78 2.26GHz 80W
K828F 2.13GHz 60W
KW5D7 1.80GHz 80W
MHPV6 2.53GHz 80W
MJ3GK 2.0Ghz
03C1JP 2.20GHz 135W
SLBTG 2.8Ghz 73W
05Y3M1 2.20GHz
338-BJEY 2.20GHz 135W
3C1JP 2.20GHz 135W
5Y3M1 2.2GHz
F1WHY 2.70Ghz 14W
SR1NB 3.20GHz
5GDM4 3.20Ghz 86W
C558F 3.30Ghz 84W
01HR84 2.60GHz
02HK9D 2.60GHz
06YC56 2.60GHz
0PRV82 2.10GHz
1HR84 2.6GHz
2HK9D 2.6GHz 125W
338-BLNB 2.6GHz 125W
338-BLTU 2.60GHz 85W
6YC56 2.6GHz
MN33P 2.2ghz 85W
0W1T58 2.30GHz
7KW7T 2.1GHz 85W
0V3582 2.10Ghz
00R93X 3.0GHz 130W
0R93X 3.0Ghz 130W
UCS-CPU-E52637DC= 3.50GHz 135W
0D306F 2.66GHz
UR074 2.4GHz 240W
0VMM76 2.93GHz
0MDV88 3.00GHz
319-0258 3.0GHZ 80W
319-2037 3.00GHz
MDV88 3.00GHz 80W
06N96T 2.40GHz
06T6YJ 3.5GHz
0G5FPW 2.10GHz
0JPK09 3.40GHZ 135W
0K9GR8 2.10GHz
0NCM8H 2.10GHz
0WH0CW 2.40GHz
0WK95Y 2.10GHz
374-14665 2.10GHz
6N96T 2.40GHz 95W
6T6YJ 3.50Ghz 69W
G5FPW 2.1Ghz 95W
K9GR8 2.10GHz
01GRC1 2.30GHz
06YXR4 2.30GHz
0YDY6W 2.30GHz
1GRC1 2.3GHz
338-BFMW 2.3GHz
338-BGPO 2.3GHz
338-BGPR 2.3GHz
6YXR4 2.30GHz
06V8YG 1.8GHz
338-BDYI 2.80GHz
338-BDYP 2.80GHZ
338-BJEQ 1.80GHz 55W
6N2HW 2.8Ghz 80W
6V8YG 1.80GHz
338-BHCX 2.2GHz 115W
338-BHDJ 2.2GHz 115W
374-BBJT 2.2GHz 115W
0PW79G 2.60GHz
338-BSHE 2.6GHz 150W
0K0T2X 2.70GHz
K0T2X 2.7Ghz
0RJ5NJ 2.40GHZ
0CH53K 1.70GHz
338-BJFE 1.7GHz 85W
CH53K 1.70GHz 85W
06G9Y4 3.20GHz
338-BLUD 3.20GHz 130W
6G9Y4 3.20GHz
00C5M3 3.30GHz
0C27KN 1.90GHz
0C5M3 3.30GHz 130W
0FD4M4 3.30GHz
0J3H1H 3.3GHz
319-0791 3.30GHz
374-14562 3.30Ghz
C27KN 1.90Ghz 95W
FD4M4 3.33Ghz 130W
J3H1H 3.3GHz 130W
N1MFN 2.66GHz 95W
N2W38 1.86GHz 95W
N9FN7 2.40GHz
NCM8H 2.10GHz
NDG4G 2.0GHz 80W
NGM8T 2.20GHz 105W
NPMJY 2.0GHz 105W
NTT91 2.6GHz 90W
NX663 2.93GHz 130W
NRK01 2.93Ghz
P024R 2.66GHz
P160K 2.50GHz
P75V3 2.53GHz 80W
P7M24 3.4GHz 135W
P981N 2.53Ghz 80W
P983N 2.66GHz 95W
PRV82 2.10GHz 85W
PW79G 2.6GHz 150W
PW856 3.0ghz 120W
R015R 2.66GHz 120W
R0D7T 3.5Ghz 135W
R6Y8V 2.66GHz 95W
R708H 2.50Ghz 80W
R9G9K 2.00GHz
RJ9ND 1.86GHz 95W
RK389 2.5GHz 50W
RK490 2.4Ghz
RM5WH 3.5GHz 135W
RMR50 2.40GHz 115W
RP430 3.0GHZ
RPVTX 3.2GHz 95W
RU505 2.0GHz
RW4J6 1.60GHz
RX391 2.4ghz 391W
SL6W9 2.6GHz 60W
SL94Y 3.0GHz 95W
SLAWE 2.5GHz 95W
SLBBE 3.0GHz 120W
SLBLD 2.66GHz 95W
SLBVD 2.13GHz 40W
SLBZ9 2.26GHz 80W
SLG9G 2.13GHz 90W
SLG9M 2.13GHz 65W
SR0RG 3.30GHz 55W
T359N 2.26GHZ
T3X0R 2.9Ghz 135W
T4TYC 2.20GHz 85W
T891G 2.0ghz 80W
T89M9 2.3Ghz
TC6CK 2.8GHz 130W
TCD6Y 2.4GHz
TD428 2.8GHz
TGH9K 2.26GHz 80W
TJ650 2.0GHz 65W
TM872 2.0GHz
TTR63 2.53GHz 95W
TW16V 2.4GHz 130W
TW907 2.66GHz
TY340 3.0GHz 80W
TY348 2.0GHz 80W
U277N 2.26GHZ 80W
V0DXP 1.9ghz 95W
V1XKY 2.00GHz
V2DMC 2.60GHz
V3582 2.10GHz
V3872 3.06Ghz 73W
V4VR9 2.3GHz 105W
VHH78 1.90GHz
VJ9FT 2.26ghz 130W
VM6H4 2.6Ghz 80W
VM6KK 2.00GHz 95W
VN1KG 3.60GHz
W1T58 2.30GHz 95W
W364N 2.80GHZ 95W
W8X51 3.0Ghz
WCR8H 2.0GHz 105W
WD6GN 2.0Ghz 95W
WH03R 3.5Ghz
WH0CW 2.4Ghz 95W
WJ544 2.33GHz
WJ560 3.0GHz 80W
WK5T7 2.13Ghz 80W
WK95Y 2.1Ghz 95W
WKWTJ 2.66GHz 130W
WX457 2.66GHz
WXDTV 2.20GHz 80W
WYKGX 2.60GHz 135W
WT571 2.40Ghz
X3323 2.50GHz 80W
X40WF 2.00GHz
X4NC6 2.0GHz 120W
X75W9 2.5Ghz 80W
XGFJC 3.33GHz 130W
XJ004 2.66GHz
XRWCG 3.20Ghz
Y1N09 2.40GHz
Y3YMC 3.0GHz 160W
YH0DW 3.06ghz 95W
YM120 2.4Ghz 80W
YMNFT 2.0Ghz 95W
YR22M 2.40GHz 60W
YVJDX 2.0GHz 95W
YVTN6 1.8GHz 55W
YWYNG 2.6GHz 85W
YX4RJ 2.00GHz 130W
Z200 10W
0NGTKH 3.10GHz
338-BRVQ 3.10ghz 200W
NGTKH 3.10ghz 200W
WCF2M 2.60GHz
0TFVWJ 3.20GHz
TFVWJ 3.2Ghz 80W
0PF31J 2.60GHz 145W
338-BEMS 2.60GHz 95W
338-BEMX 2.60GHz 95W
338-BEND 2.6GHz 95W
F695K 2.93GHz 95W
H506J 2.93GHz
J703R 2.93GHz 95W
P026R 2.93Ghz 95W
P812K 2.93GHz
PF31J 2.6GHZ 145W
R513N 2.93GHz
0RWV67 2.20GHz
338-BJEX 1.7GHz 85W
RWV67 1.70GHz 80W
0G7KC6 2.40GHZ
0C7RN7 3.20GHz
C7RN7 3.20GHz
0DM7J6 2.10GHz
338-BLTW 2.1GHz 85W
DM7J6 2.1GHz 85W
338-BEWG 2.4Ghz
G7KC6 2.40GHz
VHW19 2.4Ghz 85W
374-13157 2.53GHz
0KCR7G 1.70GHz
338-BJFC 1.7GHz 65W
KCR7G 1.70GHz 65W
T610 3.4GHz
SL7ZE 3.2GHz
SL6N4 1.3GHz
371-5056 2.0GHz
317-4214 2.53GHz 80W
7540 2.60GHz
319-0260 2.0GHz 95W
5060 3.20GHz
R810 X7560 130W
MY563 2.66GHz
G952F 2.66GHz 95W
H8432 3.6GHz
0H8432 3.60Ghz
MYKD2 2.40ghz 80W
317-1334 2.26ghz
K021J 2.0GHz 80W
60HT4 2.40ghz 80W
G951F 1.86GHz 80W
M399F 2.4ghz 80W
NK467 2.13GHz
H505J 2.26ghz 80W
J132J 2.53GHz 80W
G889K 2.0GHz 80W
GF677 3.0GHz
WK722 2.33ghz 80W
MG434 2.5GHz 80W
317-1308 2.13GHz 80W
R011R 2.4ghz 80W
R412G 2.33ghz 80W
NR170 2.66GHz
JH903 2.66GHz 80W
311-6975 2.66GHz 120W
JU112 2.33ghz 80W
FR758 2.33Ghz
K093J 2.26GHz 60W
317-4163 2.53GHz 80W
317-4151 2.53GHz 80W
317-1737 2.93GHz 95W
DU685 2.33GHz
311-6972 2.66ghz
UY577 2.33GHZ
M3M64 2.26ghz
JN183 2.4GHz 80W
311-8213 2.50ghz 80W
U311G 2.5GHz 80W
317-1324 2.53Ghz 80W
01M26 2.4GHz 80W
K023J 2.8GHz 95W
319-0262 2.30GHz 95W
HRC65 2.66GHz
311-8032 3.16ghz 120W
317-4415 2.66GHz
D7590 3.0GHz
317-4272 2.66GHz 95W
PR836 2.40Ghz
HT963 2.4GHz
319-0264 2.5GHz 95W
G57R4 1.86GHz 95W
317-4164 2.66GHz 80W
317-9636 3.30GHz
469-3753 2.40ghz 85W
KY916 3.0ghz 80W
0KY916 3.0ghz 80W
GF492 3.73GHz
311-8047 3.0ghz
338-BEBM 2.2GHz 80W
CF839 3.8GHz
319-1139 2.0ghz 60W
DH9K8 3.46GHz 130W
317-7198 2.0GHz 130W
FR757 3.16ghz 120W
GW190 3.16ghz 120W
338-BDED 2.6ghz 80W
M7YNR 2.4GHz 95W
HG423 3.0GHz
319-1187 2.0ghz 60W
469-4843 2.2GHz 80W
338-BDLQ 2.4GHz 60W
338-BHEC 2.40ghz 85W
XX761 3.0GHz 80W
CG0NK 2.93GHz 95W
338-BHEH 1.6GHz 85W
338-BHFQ 1.60GHz 85W
338-BGGB 1.6GHz 85W
319-0266 2.0GHz 95W
338-BHEU 1.6Ghz 85W
JU771 3.00GHz 120W
311-7748 3.0GHz 150W
338-BFFS 1.6GHZ 85W
463-6183 1.6Ghz 85W
JU769 3.0GHz 150W
338-BHFL 2.40ghz 85W
462-9901 2.40GHz
338-BHET 2.4GHZ 85W
463-6193 2.40ghz 85W
338-BGNW 2.4GHz 85W
462-9843 2.40ghz 85W
VKGD6 2.00GHz 105W
WP172 120W
338-BDLI 1.80Ghz 80W
338-BGKG 2.40GHz 85W
319-0273 2.70GHz 130W
338-BGME 2.4GHZ 85W
GV1M4 3.33GHz 130W
463-6179 2.40GHz 85W
338-BGMH 1.6GHZ 85W
338-BHEN 1.9GHz 85W
465-9626 2.20GHz 80W
319-2135 2.6GHz
MK2MD 3.30GHz 69W
338-BGMR 1.9GHz 85W
462-9834 1.9GHz 85W
374-BBHY 1.9GHz 85W
338-BHFO 1.9GHZ 85W
338-BFRY 1.9ghz 85W
338-BEDP 3.40Ghz 80W
338-BEJU 2.5GHz 95W
338-BGKJ 2.4GHz 85W
338-BGKX 2.4GHZ 85W
338-BHFD 2.4GHz 85W
463-6164 1.6ghz 85W
338-BGMF 1.6GHz 85W
338-BDXB 3.4GHz 80W
462-9841 1.90Ghz 85W
7WHPG 2.5GHz 130W
338-BDIM 3.5GHz 130W
338-BHFM 2.4GHz 85W
338-BFFU 2.4ghz 85W
463-6284 2.4GHz 85W
338-BGMJ 2.6GHz 90W
338-BHEJ 2.4GHz 85W
338-BGRL 3.00GHz 105W
338-BHEG 2.3Ghz 105W
338-BHFR 2.3GHz 105W
338-BGMX 2.4ghz 85W
338-BFMR 3.0GHz 105W
338-BFFO 2.60Ghz 90W
338-BGNX 2.6GHz 90W
CR96M 3.46GHz 130W
338-BGNO 2.6GHZ 105W
374-BBID 2.3GHz 105W
338-BEJW 2.4GHz 60W
338-BGNN 2.30GHz 105W
338-BGLY 2.3GHz 105W
Y769H 3.33GHz
338-BHES 2.5GHZ 120W
338-BGLF 2.5GHz 120W
338-BFSB 2.60Ghz 90W
338-BGLD 2.3GHz 105W
338-BEMW 2.6GHz 95W
338-BGLH 2.30GHz 120W
338-BHEW 2.60GHZ 90W
338-BHEM 2.5ghz 120W
338-BHFE 2.3GHz 105W
338-BFFF 2.3GHz 105W
338-BHEZ 2.3GHz 120W
338-BGSJ 2.60Ghz 90W
338-BFFQ 3.4GHz 135W
338-BGSL 3.40GHz 135W
338-BHFP 2.6GHz 105W
374-BBGM 2.3Ghz 105W
462-9838 2.6GHz 135W
0PP85 2.6GHZ 135W
338-BHEP 2.6GHz 105W
338-BFSD 2.3GHz 105W
338-BGMY 2.6GHz 135W
C334J 3.33GHz
338-BGOG 3.4GHz 135W
319-2132 2.0GHz 105W
338-BFFG 2.60Ghz 105W
338-BFUE 2.5ghz 120W
6V3XY 2.6GHz 135W
PD21F 2.3GHz 105W
338-BFCL 2.6GHz 135W
338-BFFL 2.6GHz 135W
338-BHEE 2.0GHz 120W
338-BGHI 2.6GHz 135W
47VTG 1.7ghz 85W
338-BGLE 2.6GHz 105W
338-BHFK 1.80GHz 65W
338-BGMC 1.8GHz 65W
338-BEMP 2.2GHz 95W
338-BFGJ 2.0GHz 120W
338-BDXZ 2.4GHz 95W
338-BDYV 2.4ghz 95W
V3YMW 2.4ghz 95W
CNGW2 2.10GHz 85W
338-BGPB 2.1ghz 105W
338-BHKB 1.80GHz 65W
338-BGNK 2.93GHz 65W
338-BGKS 2.3ghz 120W
338-BHEL 2.3GHz 120W
338-BSDV 1.9GHz 85W
338-BENB 2.2GHz 95W
338-BGNU 2.3ghz 120W
374-BBIC 3.4GHz 135W
338-BJEU 2.1ghz 85W
338-BGQV 2.5GHz 125W
319-2129 2.50GHz 130W
338-BLTR 1.8GHz 85W
HP4J7 1.8GHz 85W
374-BBJB 2.1ghz 105W
338-BJER 2.60GHz 85W
338-BGLG 3.2GHz 135W
338-BGLM 2.30Ghz 120W
338-BGMQ 2.3GHz 120W
374-BBIG 2.3GHz 120W
338-BFFM 2.3GHz 120W
338-BGMZ 3.2GHz 135W
338-BGMI 3.2GHZ 135W
338-BHHG 2.60GHz 135W
338-BFFH 3.2GHz 135W
338-BGMV 1.00GHz 135W
338-BEJV 2.4ghz 95W
338-BEJZ 2.4ghz 95W
338-BEMV 2.2GHz 95W
K8P02 2.60GHz 85W
YFH26 2.20GHz 100W
338-BENK 2.2GHz 95W
338-BKBB 2.6GHz 85W
338-BFSC 3.4GHz 135W
338-BJFH 2.20GHz 85W
338-BGMW 3.1GHz 160W
338-BJZY 2.2ghz 85W
338-BLUS 2.2GHz 85W
MK8PT 2.40GHz 120W
338-BJEV 2.40GHz 120W
374-BBIE 3.2GHz 135W
338-BJET 2.40GHz 90W
338-BFFN 2.6GHz 145W
338-BFFK 3.1GHz 160W
338-BGNG 2.6GHz 145W
P8PG0 2.20GHz 105W
338-BGQS 2.60GHz 105W
338-BFSH 2.6GHz 145W
Y1F4J 2.4ghz 90W
338-BFMT 2.3GHz 145W
338-BJDO 2.40ghz 120W
338-BJZP 2.40GHz 120W
DVNRW 2.40GHz 120W
338-BJEZ 2.20GHz 105W
H5P8G 2.2GHz 85W
338-BEMR 3.3GHz 130W
338-BENI 3.30GHz 130W
C52DY 2.00GHz 105W
374-BBIU 1.7GHz 105W
374-BBIW 1.7ghz 105W
338-BJFJ 2.00GHz 105W
338-BJFI 2.10GHz 120W
338-BJDU 3.5GHz 135W
338-BJFM 3.50GHz 135W
338-BJMP 2.1GHz 120W
575-BBDN 2.1GHz 120W
338-BHUK 2.6ghz 135W
338-BKBS 3.5GHz 135W
412-AADT 2.1GHz 120W
338-BGQY 2.6GHz 145W
338-BLUB 3.20GHz 105W
52GXW 2.2GHz 105W
9J3DX 2.5GHz 85W
338-BSDJ 2.5GHz 85W
338-BJDM 3.2GHz 135W
338-BKBO 3.2GHz 135W
5YVD5 3.20GHz 135W
338-BJFB 2.6GHz 135W
338-BKBX 2.6GHz 135W
338-BJFF 3.4GHz 135W
338-BJFL 3.2GHz 135W
338-BSGK 3.8GHz 105W
077DY 2.60GHz 145W
307G2 2.30GHz 107W
DKGHF 2.2GHz 125W
N17YD 2.1GHz 125W
338-BJES 2.30GHz 145W
338-BLLY 2.6GHz 125W
338-BLNE 2.1GHz 125W
6288H 3.00GHz 160W
338-BSGE 3.0Ghz 115W
338-BSDT 3.0Ghz 115W
338-BSDM 2.2GHz 125W
8FHWW 2.10GHz 120W
338-BJWY 2.4ghz 165W
338-BTSO 2.7GHz 125W
D2C2K 2.1GHz 125W
CRK1Y 2.20GHz 145W
338-BLNM 2.6GHz 150W
JPG8H 2.6GHz 150W
338-BLNH 3.2GHz 130W
P74V0 3.0GHz 150W
4XPX2 3.2GHz 130W
338-BJFK 2.2ghz 145W
338-BKBR 2.2GHz 145W
338-BJCO 2.2GHz 145W
338-BJFD 2.10GHz 120W
338-BJCV 2.2ghz 145W
674DH 2.2ghz 145W
489Y5 2.8GHz 150W
338-BSGZ 2.8GHz 150W
338-BGYF 2.10GHz 120W
338-BHWE 2.10GHz 120W
DYVK1 3.6GHz 150W
338-BSGX 3.6GHz 150W
338-BRVK 2.5Ghz 150W
FF85G 2.5GHz 150W
71HGT 2.1GHz 150W
338-BLNT 2.1GHz 150W
5PHV3 2.7GHz 205W
338-BLNW 2.7GHz 205W
338-BLUJ 2.10GHz 165W
338-BLNZ 2.5GHz 205W
XW5DM 2.5GHz 205W
4G2F1 2.2GHz 165W
338-BSHQ 2.2GHz 165W
338-BHVD 2.00GHz 115W
CR457 2.4GHZ
8N7JM 2.1GHz
HC7VF 2.3GhZ 120W
HW0W3 1.9GHz
338-BSDQ 1.9GHz 85W
GPV88 2.2GHz
YDY6W 2.30Ghz 135W
NWDGH 2.30ghz
V81J2 2.10GHz
338-BLUQ 2.1GHz
41XVP 2.0Ghz
V73KP 2.6GHz
338-BVKE 2.4GHz
WC6XX 2.1GHz
WH7C7 2.40GHz 100W
338-BSTI 2.2GHz
XJ73T 2.1GHz
338-BLTX 2.4GHz 85W
78RT8 2.4GHz 85W
338-BSTQ 2.2GHz
484VH 2.2GHz
5TGW5 2.5GHz
338-BSTN 2.5GHz
338-BSDN 2.5GHz 85W
338-BVKC 2.40GHZ
R9GYV 2.40GHz 100W
94J0F 2.4GHz
338-CBXX 2.4GHz
CH2D1 2.50ghz 85W
374-BBOE 2.3GHz
338-BLMZ 3.6GHz 105W
H8JPM 3.6GHz 105W
PM87D 2.1GHz
53WDJ 2.1GHz 100W
338-BSDU 2.1GHz
338-BLNS 3.0GHz 200W
G7PY1 3.0GHz 200W
338-BSTZ 2.1GHz
338-BVJZ 3.2GHz 130W
338-BSTK 2.3GHz
98V0X 2.3GHz
P6NRJ 3.2GHz 130W
JW5C5 3.10GHz
338-BRVS 2.3GHz 125W
2P6WM 2.3GHz
C3GXR 2.5GHz
338-BLBH 2.4GHz
1N96X 2.1GHz
3MN8P 2.4GHz
338-BSDS 2.5GHz
338-BSGI 3.80GHz
338-BSTP 3.8GHz
338-BVJV 2.9ghz
338-BVKW 2.9ghz
NDYJK 2.1GHz 125W
5PG2D 3.00GHZ
338-BSDK 3.0GHz 115W
G8RJ6 2.9ghz
338-BVKV 2.1GHz
338-BLNV 2.0GHz
R2J9T 2.0GHz
51M55 3.00GHZ
KRM6C 2.2GHz
338-BSTU 2.2GHz
338-BRVL 2.1GHz 125W
338-BSSX 3.00GHZ
338-BVKZ 2.4GHz
K2J6N 2.4GHz
338-BTTE 2.7GHz
338-BUET 2.70ghz 125W
JMF11 2.2GHz
338-BVKN 2.1GHz
5HR87 2.7GHz
F7M3N 2.2GHz
338-CBDX 2.2GHz
3YDT7 2.1GHz 150W
338-BSTO 2.1GHz
65GYW 2.6GHz
338-BSTW 2.6GHz
338-BSGU 2.10GHZ
338-BSHC 2.1Ghz
31P0J 2.1GHz
360C2 3.3GHz
WP22J 3.3GHz
338-BTSX 3.3GHz
338-BSHG 2.6GHz
5HR8X 3.9GHz
WH8GT 2.1GHz
338-BTSZ 2.1GHz
338-BSTD 2.5GHz
338-BVKP 3.10GHz
V31G1 3.10GHz 205W
338-BSHD 2.8GHz
YN15X 2.8GHz
338-BSTV 2.8GHz
338-BSHF 2.20GHZ
XYWR5 3.60GHz
338-BLUL 2.5GHz 205W
1113D 260W
338-BSTC 3.60ghz
338-BVKI 3.0GHz
338-BVKX 2.2GHz
9GPRG 3.0GHz
GJ2VC 2.20GHz
338-BSTT 2.20GHz
CWH68 3.1GHz
TY6P3 3.3GHz
338-BTTD 3.3GHz
338-BSTJ 3.1GHz
338-BSHB 2.60GHz
338-BVKM 3.4GHz
338-BVKB 2.7GHz
6YMGK 2.7GHz
338-BRVP 2.9Ghz
324P2 2.9GHz
338-BRVJ 2.9GHz 205W
7TW9T 2.9GHz
338-BSTG 2.9GHz
338-BSHO 2.7GHz
KNX4J 2.7GHz
T38TH 2.7GHz
PTP4V 2.7GHz
338-BSTS 2.70GHz
338-BRVI 2.7GHz
6P0FP 2.7GHz
338-BSHV 2.20GHZ