About Boost Hardware

About Us

Boost Hardware has over 15 years of experience in the IT Hardware industry and is an Authorized HP. We have the vision to be the world’s leading provider of new and refurbished IT Hardware and Solutions. To accomplish this, we provide our clients with the best customer service and products that exceed their expectations. Boost also gives you the following benefits:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Free Same Day Shipping
  • Instant and Top Rated Customer Support ("Minnesota Nice!")
  • IT Hardware and Solution Experienced Professionals

Here at Boost Hardware, we provide our customers with an easy to use checkout process that will make buying IT hardware as simple as 1,2,3. With access to over 2 million+ Servers, Networking, Storage and Spare Parts, we do our best to provide the product you or your customer is looking for at the best market price. Boost's product lines consist of these leading IT MFG's: IBM, Lenovo, HP, Cisco, Dell, SUN, Brocade, Nortel, Intel, Seagate and more!

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Mission Statement

Boost Hardware is a highly respected and experienced provider of Enterprise IT hardware and Solutions serving customers globally. As one of the leaders in the IT Hardware industry, our main goal is to deliver exceptional quality and customer service.

Vision Statement

Boost Hardware will be the leader in Hardware Solutions, refurbished, new and recycled.

To accomplish this obtainable goal we will strive towards the following:

  • Be a trusted and secure supplier for our customers and their needs
  • Create leadership standards in the IT Hardware circle
  • Help reach & exceed customer goals and expectations
  • Be polite and create a fun and hard working environment at the same time!

Our Values

We Serve
Boost Hardware prides itself on being honest and upfront with our customers from beginning to end of any transaction or experience with strong moral principles and undividedness.
We Run
We are nothing without our customers and their success. We strive to accomplish everything our customers ask of us and aim for a purposeful endpoint to get our customers exactly where they want to be.
We Adapt
Here at Boost we hold the highest form of responsibility not only to our employees but the products we obtain and with our certified suppliers. Our decision making is a very thorough intense process to make sure all parties are successful.
We Commit
Commitment to Customers
We want you coming back!! The first step to committing to our customers is GREAT customer service. Our continuous obligation to provide our customers with consistent products and services is our main goal here at Boost to grow and establish a long lasting relationship.